About Us


Who We Are?

Normtech continues its works in the fully automated bespoke machine design and manufacture sector with 10 years of experience in machine design, manufacturing and commissioning. Our technical team has gained professional experience in production systems and machinery by being in the factories of dozens of major automotive parts manufacturers operating in different parts of the world. They have completed over 60 fully automated customer-specific machine manufacturing projects on many product lines, including prototype production benches. We work in all stages of determining process requirements, concept and detail design, manufacturing, assembly, automation software and commissioning for mass production process machines of the automotive industry.

Our Design Skills

Normtech has technical draftsmans, who are experts in the bespoke machine design and manufacture and measurement control apparatus and have many years of experience. During the project concept design, many regular meetings are held under the leadership of the project responsible painter. At these meetings, the relevant teams come together and share ideas for machine design that will fully meet the process requirements and provide the specified quality and capacity.

While designing and approval of design, OSH, operator ergonomics, spare parts replacement and machine maintenance are evaluated in terms of manufacturability and assemblability, so economic and robust machine design is obtained.

Project management, budget and time planning, lean manufacturing methodology, Kaizen approach in design, TRIZ, 6 sigma quality methodology, ergonomics and work safety, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, electric motors, industrial washing methods, laser welding technology, industrial cameras and image processing systems, automatic control circuits and automatic control systems are our design tools and areas while creating solutions with our expert team on your needs for custom made automated machines.

Our Automation and Software Skills

Normtech has extensive knowledge and experience in machine automation, sensors and control equipment and close relationship with leading companies and support teams of the sector. The determination and selection of sensor and control equipment are carried out as a result of evaluations made with the sales and support engineers of the manufacturing companies. The automation strategy of the machine and determining the equipment to be used are budgeted by our own engineering team.

PLC and HMI automation software are created by our automation team from the project stage to the commissioning stage. Our automation team consists of automation engineers who have experienced error freeing processes on fully automated machines. In line with the work schedule and software requirements, we manage the process by agreeing with our customers on the automation strategy.Our automation team uses Tia-portal, Simatic Manager and Labview applications on PLC and test software. In addition, SQL, Visual basic C # and other Scada interface applications are also used in machine software.Industrial robot, cobot and cartesian system applications can also be designed by our team.In the field of industrial camera applications, the selection of camera, lens and lighting is made and commissioned by our automation team. Applications include product existence-absence, color perception, measurement, defect detection, positioning, OCR / OCV (reading the text on the product) and barcode reading operations.If your factory has an existing traceability system, our machines can be integrated into this system.

Our Office and Manufacturing Plant

We share the same office with Norm Sport and Norm Space Frame, a family company that has been operating in the construction field for more than 20 years, and benefit from the long-standing institutionalism of them. Our office is in İzmir Yenisehir Trade Center. Our office, which is used by our engineering and design team, enables us to hold business meetings with our suppliers and customers

Our manufacturing workshop is in Sasali Industrial Area. We manufacture and install the machines in this field. In addition, we work with partner companies in Bornova and Yenisehir in Izmir, with conventional tooling machines and CNC machining machines.


Fully and semi auto PLC controlled assembly and production machines


Product-specific and functional leakage testing machines


Automatic laser, MIG and resistance welding machines


Laser powered metal cutting and marking machines


Solvent and water based ultrasonic industrial washing machines


Measurement fixtures with sensors, cameras and mechanical comparators


Robot, pick & place and cartesian transfer systems


Automatic packaging and final control machines

Our Business Partners

Industrial Camera Detection Systems